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When I was young I used to grow and sell small pumpkins, for the fall, on the side of the road. I also created my own baseball magazine in 6th grade and sold it to local sports stores. I created many small businesses when I was younger but lost my entrepreneurial spirit when I became an “adult” and went to college. I had bills to pay and was more concerned about getting out of debt and paying bills with a secure income than taking the risk of pursuing a fulfilling life. I woke up every day, wondering when I would stop dreaming about the life I wanted to live and actually live it.

This began to change in 2007 when I began a Buddhist chanting/meditation practice and started to combine Buddhist principles with personal development skills to my life. I realized that there was a world of possibility that I could be a part of. I have overcome stagnation and depression that led towards self-destruction. I began to take responsibility for my life and stopped thinking of myself as a victim of my circumstances. I learned that I was the author and director of the story of “my life.” I can change my circumstances and I will take action towards change.

In 2013, I completed a Master’s degree in Plant Biology, a goal that some people thought I couldn’t achieve. I began to teach at an elementary school, where I learned that I liked to see other people become happy and succeed in life. This motivation has translated into helping individuals and companies create maximum value in the world and life. I am also a writer and my work has appeared on The Good Men Project website, as well as Thrive Global. A dream of mine has been to publish a book, which I will be doing by the end of this year. I write on a daily basis and my writing is being picked up by more publications.

I read every day about success, psychology, Buddhism and various Science topics. Every day I challenge myself to grow as a responsible, happy adult and lead a fulfilling existence. It’s a fun journey to begin enjoying life and I would like to help you experience a similar existence. I am not a guru and don’t pretend to be and I will never hard sell you on anything! Let’s begin the journey of a new, fulfilling life together!

I offer individuals coaching sessions, courses, books and freebies!

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Thanks for visiting my page!

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